Kelly Johnson

How did you get involved in the mortgage industry?
Just lucky, I started as a consumer lender & was given an opportunity to become a mortgage lender, when we decided to get into the secondary market. 20 years later & I’m still loving it!

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity you have seen in the mortgage industry?
The biggest challenge is the constant changes.

What advice would you give people just entering the industry?
Give it time and build relationships with your realtors and centers of influence.  Ask for referrals. Be a good listener!

Do you have a quick tip for saving time, generating leads, tracking information, etc. that you would like to share?
Schedule time on your calendar to return calls, send email updates to clients and realtors.

When you are not at work, what do you like to do most?
Spending time with my family and friends

What is a quote or a guiding principle you live by?
”Being positive won’t guarantee you’ll succeed, but being negative will guarantee that you won’t!”