April 8 – CRM webinar

3 Near and Clear Ways to Grow Your Business Using a CRM
April 8 • 10 – 11 am
Donna Quisinberry, MyOwnEmailMarketing

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Do you know how to harness the power of the low hanging fruit that is available to you to drive in more business?

Learn the top 3 near and clear CRM strategies used by top producers to steer your business towards immediately driving in additional production.

If you are a mortgage professional, or manage a team of mortgage professionals, this webinar will provide you with the CRM blueprint and ‘how-to’ for creating an immediate upswing to your revenue stream.

  1. Balance Your Efforts Between Farming and Hunting
    In business, farming what you’ve already got is always going to be the quickest and most cost-effective approach to increasing your sales rather than constantly hunting for new business.
  • Turning Borrowers into Besties
    Implement a client for life strategy that paves the way to an increase in repeat business, referrals, and shorter sales cycles.
  • Cultivating Referral Partner Relationships
    Learn how to cultivate and leverage partnerships that are right under your nose.


Donna Quisenberry Q2 Database Consulting Services and Expert CRM & Database Implementation Specialist helps individual loan officers as well as entire mortgage organizational teams to transform the way they work by implementing creative technical solutions to business problems. She does this by listening to what her clients need and then draws on her over 15 years of skills and experience specializing in working with mortgage professionals to help them effectively use CRM tools to build and nurture relationships. Through these solutions, which are expertly honed to the specific needs of a mortgage professional, her clients achieve greater levels of organization and effectiveness, leading to happy customers, better service, and more sales.