March 24 – Business Planning webinar

Blueprint for Success – Business Planning webinar

March 24 • 10 – 11 am
Christine Beckwith, Vision Your Success

Every good success story started with a concrete plan. Writing a business plan requires knowing where to start, how to blueprint the course of action needed to achieve the desired outcome and ultimately will help you understand the resources, budget and actions necessary to get your company functioning at a whole new level! How do YOU start making your dreams come true? Take this class and learn how to develop a clear plan, communicate it and begin executing on it with any timeline in mind and while exceeding everyone’s expectations. Learn how to develop a “vision” for your employees that will have them working harder to reach YOUR companies goals!


Christine Beckwith
A sought-after speaker on the real estate and mortgage finance circuit, Christine has broken glass ceilings and raised the bar for women in the mortgage industry for generations to come. An active member of MBA’s mPower Community, she is recognized for her editorial economic publications and guidance to mortgage industry professionals. Acclaim from her peers includes an interview by Marcia Davies in an mPower Moment for 2018 as one of the industry’s greatest contributors for her writing of the Best Selling co-authored book, Clear Boundaries: Every Business Woman Essential Safety Guide. In addition to Clear Boundaries, Christine has authored Wise Eyes: See Your Way to Success, which is a roadmap to success in life and career. She launched her third book, Breaking the Cycle with co-author Dr. Wendy L.Wright in early 2020. Christine is a speaker and teacher at the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers Association. As part of Tony Thompson’s NAMMBA she joined the ranks of the industry’s greatest women and minority leaders who make a difference in minority banking.